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Divinity Four Player

Divinity: Original Sin Four Player Patcher

I made a patcher for Divinity: Original Sin (including Enhanced Edition) that modifies the game from 2 players to 4 players. Thanks to the community for cataloging the byte signatures for patching and for Nazar for putting it into his guide.


Quickly made since I wanted to check the size of the Bitcoin blockchain quickly at a glance.

Sandbox for Assembly Cup

More work has been done on the Assembly Cup robot programming competition. The debugger has been improved and the world is more stable allowing folks to test their bots better.

A Reddit user has ported the VM to Javascript which will be avalable as asmcup/runtime-js hopefully soon. This will help with getting some tools to work within the web browser.

Also reached out to YTCracker to see if he wanted to participate and he said he was gonna check it out and possibly contribute.

Anyone interested should participate!

Preparing for Assembly Cup

I’m running a contest where everyone gets a little robot in a virtual world. The robot cannot be controlled directly via a keyboard or controller, but rather has to be programmed to be autonomous. Within the virtual game world robots navigate obstacles, hazards and collect loot.

The contest will begin in November 2016. The VM spec is subject to change slightly between now and then, but overall if you start writing some assembler now and keep the source you can recompile your code later. However, machine learners and genetic algorithms folks will have to wait a bit.

Check out the asmcup/runtime for the VM, Compiler, and some other tools.

More info soon once the Sandbox code is pushed so you can test your robot in a mock world.

EDIT Just to be clear this is not my secret project! I’m still under NDA for that.

Secret Project

I’m under NDA for a new project. Here is a precommit hash: